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פרשת כי תשא - Parashat Ki Tisa

03/01 Candle Lighting: 6:00 pm

Erev Shabbat

   Korbanot: 5:55 pm
   Ashrei: 6:00 pm
Kabbalat Shabbat: 6:18 pm

Shabbat Day

   Korbanot: 8:15am
   Hodu: 8:30am
Mincha: 5:39 pm
Arvit: 7:09 pm

Weekly Tefillot

Sunday Shacharit:
   Korbanot: 7:30am
   Hodu: 7:45am
Mon-Fri Shacharit
   Korbanot: 6:35am
   Hodu: 6:45am
Sun-Thu Mincha: 6:03pm - 6:08pm



Plag haMincha: 5:49 pm
Shkia: 6:18:31 pm
Repeat Kria Shema: 7:03 pm


Kriat Shema: 9:07 am
Shkia: 6:19:41 pm
Shabbat ends: 7:04 pm/7:31 pm

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